Jurnal Pilar Nusa Mandiri 2019-05-11T01:47:01-04:00 Daning Nur Sulistyowati Open Journal Systems <p>The PILAR Nusa Mandiri Journal is a formation of the Information Systems study program, which was originally a medium for accommodating scientific writings of STMIK Nusa Mandiri Jakarta Information Systems lecturers. Along with the times, this journal has become a National journal that has P-ISSN: 1978-1946 and E-ISSN: 2527-6514. PILAR Nusa Mandiri has become a Rank 3 Accredited Journal&nbsp;and is trying to become a higher accredited journal. PILAR Journal Nusa Mandiri is published 2 times in 1 year, namely in March and September. This journal is&nbsp;<span class="tlid-translation translation"><span title="">Rank 3 Accreditation Certificate (S3), Accreditation is valid for 5 years. Starting from Vol. 12, No. 1 the Year 2016 to Vol. 16, No. 2 the Year 2020.</span></span></p> FAKTOR – FAKTOR YANG MEMPENGARUHI MUTU WEB TERHADAP KEPUASAN AKTIVITAS BELAJAR BAGI PENGGUNA WANITA 2019-05-10T23:28:43-04:00 Nita Merlina Frieyadie Frieyadie <p>This study aims to determine the factors that affect the quality of the web to satisfaction of learning activities for female users. Final model obtained in&nbsp; this study&nbsp; approached&nbsp; the research UTAUT (Unified Theory Of Aceptual and Use Of Technology) with data analysis using Structural Equation Modelling&nbsp; (SEM)&nbsp; on&nbsp; the&nbsp; software&nbsp; Analysis&nbsp; of&nbsp; Moment&nbsp; Structure&nbsp; (AMOS)&nbsp; version&nbsp; 6.0,&nbsp; a&nbsp; causal relationship&nbsp; between&nbsp; these&nbsp; factors&nbsp; which&nbsp; affect&nbsp; the&nbsp; quality&nbsp; of&nbsp; web-user&nbsp; satisfaction&nbsp; for&nbsp; women adalahVariabel beajar Performance Expectancy effect on Symbolic Adoption means the higher the student achievement expectations tehadap the greater web of learning opportunities to receive an online learning web mentally, Variable Effort Expectancy effect on Attitude Toward Technology means&nbsp; the&nbsp; higher&nbsp; expectations&nbsp; tehadap&nbsp; student&nbsp; effort,&nbsp; the&nbsp; greater&nbsp; web&nbsp; of&nbsp; learning&nbsp; attitude&nbsp; to receive&nbsp; online&nbsp; learning&nbsp; web,&nbsp; Social&nbsp; Influence&nbsp; Variables&nbsp; no&nbsp; effect&nbsp; on&nbsp; the&nbsp; Attitude&nbsp; Toward Technology&nbsp; college student means&nbsp; that&nbsp; studying&nbsp; the&nbsp; web&nbsp; with&nbsp; online&nbsp; learning&nbsp; medium&nbsp; was&nbsp; not influenced by others but their own consciousness to be able to learn the web, Variable Faciliting Condition&nbsp; effect&nbsp; on&nbsp; Symbolic&nbsp; Adoption&nbsp; means&nbsp; the&nbsp; student&nbsp; will&nbsp; receive&nbsp; an&nbsp; online&nbsp; learning&nbsp; web fasilatas when&nbsp; supported&nbsp; by&nbsp; adequate,&nbsp; Variable Attitude Toward&nbsp; Technology&nbsp; effect&nbsp; on&nbsp; Symbolic Adoption&nbsp; means&nbsp; the&nbsp; better&nbsp; the&nbsp; level&nbsp; of&nbsp; technology&nbsp; acceptance&nbsp; more&nbsp; likely&nbsp; to&nbsp; receive&nbsp; an&nbsp; online learning web mentally.</p> 2012-09-10T00:00:00-04:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## EFEKTIFITAS COMPUTER AIDED LEARNING (CAL) DALAM PEMBELAJARAN KOSAKATA BAHASA INGGRIS SISWA SEKOLAH DASAR 2019-05-10T23:33:26-04:00 Dewi Ayu Nur Wulandari <div>Advances in technology encourage the use of technology in teaching and learning process. The use of technology in the learning process is rapidly gaining popularity along with the development of information technology which is a supporting factor in the development of education and also to provide innovative solutions to the problems faced. Computer Aided Learning (CAL) is a method of&nbsp; approach&nbsp; to&nbsp; teaching&nbsp; and&nbsp; learning&nbsp; activities&nbsp; with&nbsp; the&nbsp; help&nbsp; of&nbsp; computer&nbsp; technology&nbsp; as&nbsp; an auxiliary medium is used to help learners understand the subject matter ranging from displays and provide reinforcement material also as a tool to assess learning achievement in which the material is packaged in the form software (software). Besides using CAL to learners will be able to interact with the interactive learning program that is available so they can learn to follow the ability of each learner and can also repeat a topic they have not understood the lessons step by step.&nbsp; By using CAL, students become more independent in learning, because the learning process not only depends on the teacher.</div> 2012-09-10T00:00:00-04:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## SISTEM PAKAR PENGENALAN TIPE KEPRIBADIAN MAHASISWA TERHADAP KEMATANGAN PILIHAN PROFESI 2019-05-10T23:49:24-04:00 Lia Mazia Fadhillah Ahmad <div>Expert Systems in Introduction of the Personality Type is an expert system designed as a tool to diagnose personality type with a dynamic knowledge base. This knowledge is obtained from various sources including research by experts in the field as well as books related to personality. Expert system method used is forward chaining.&nbsp; This expert system will display a selection of personality profile options that can be selected by the user, in which each option will bring the user's personality profile to get the final result. In the end, the system will display the results of the introduction of personality type and other details. The system is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. Conclusions obtained in this study is that the expert system is designed to help make decisions that will be undertaken profession.</div> 2012-09-10T00:00:00-04:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PERANCANGAN SISTEM KERANGKA PENILAIAN KINERJA MANAJER OPERASIONAL MENGGUNAKAN PENDEKATAN BALANCED SCORECARD PADA PT PEGADAIAN (PERSERO 2019-05-11T00:32:23-04:00 Irfan Mahendra <p>Pegadaian is a&nbsp; State&nbsp; Owned&nbsp; Enterprises&nbsp; (SOEs) is engaged in financing, with the main business is pawning services. The level of competition in the mortgage sector is currently very tight and will continue to increase the complexity and intensity.&nbsp; Further pawnshop must continually improve its performance, that the company competitive advantage can be realized.&nbsp; An important factor to consider in this case is the performance appraisal system, because the objective performance appraisal system, comprehensive, and continuous performance of the company will continuously be reviewed and could be improved. The performance appraisal system has been used in Pegadaian is to use the merit system approach. This approach is considered highly subjective and may not represent actual employee performance. Another approach that is popular and widely used is the assessment of performance using a balanced scorecard approach, which is a strategic management system that can be used to assess the company's performance objectively and comprehensively. This research is to design a framework for appraisal the performance of the employee (System Operations Manager) uses a balanced scorecard approach to the&nbsp; IT&nbsp; Operations&nbsp; Division&nbsp; of&nbsp; Pegadaian.&nbsp; Design&nbsp; framework&nbsp; for&nbsp; assessing&nbsp; performance&nbsp; using&nbsp; the&nbsp; balanced scorecard&nbsp; approach&nbsp; is&nbsp; done&nbsp; through&nbsp; two&nbsp; main&nbsp; stages,&nbsp; design&nbsp; scorecard&nbsp; for&nbsp; the&nbsp; mission&nbsp; center&nbsp; which&nbsp; then cascaded into team and personal scorecard.</p> 2012-09-10T00:00:00-04:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## SISTEM INFORMASI E-COMMERCE BAJU RAJUT MENGGUNAKAN METODE B2C 2019-05-11T01:07:33-04:00 Linda Marlinda Harsih Rianto <div>The technology of integrated information stored information in the form of documents with information that can be viewed on the monitor screen that consists of words, numbers, diagrams, videos, sounds, and images. Information technology can be utilized for marketing the much-loved crafts community. Particular crafts of knitting materials such as bags, shirts, bags HP, tablecloths and various other products requiring precise marketing tools and accurate that can be published and marketed throughout Indonesia. By working on competent parties especially in the world of IT (Information Technology) can provide to contribute to helping women artisans craft of knitting materials. So that is exactly what factors ultimately marketing information systems is made.&nbsp;</div> 2012-09-10T00:00:00-04:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## TATA KELOLA TEKNOLOGI INDORMASI PADA SMK AVERUS MENGGUNAKAN FRAMEWORK CONTROL OBJECTIVES FOR INFORMATION AND RELATED TECHNOLOGY (COBIT) VERSI 4.0 2019-05-11T00:47:50-04:00 Rani Irma Handayani <p>In&nbsp; education, advancement in information technology also contributed significantly.&nbsp; This study aims to provide an assessment of IT governance that already exists and provide an IT governance model proposed for&nbsp; Senior&nbsp; High&nbsp; School&nbsp; Averus Jakarta by referring to the standard&nbsp; COBIT (Control Objective for Information and Related&nbsp; Technology)&nbsp; Version&nbsp; 4.0.&nbsp; COBIT is one methodology that provides the basic framework in creating appropriate information technology with organizational needs while considering other factors that influence.&nbsp; Basically, COBIT&nbsp; was developed to help meet the diverse needs of management by bridging the information gap between business risks,&nbsp; control, and engineering problems.&nbsp; COBIT provides a practical step through the domain and framework that describes the IT activity in a structure and process that can be adjusted.&nbsp; This study uses four COBIT&nbsp; domain,&nbsp; namely Planning and Organisation&nbsp; (PO)&nbsp; and Acquisition and Implementation (AI) Control Objectives but used only 15 of the 34 processes only existing processes.</p> 2012-09-10T00:00:00-04:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## EVALUASI ANALISIS EFEKTIFITAS COPY NASKAH DENGAN MENGGUNAKAN ANALYTIC HIERARCHICAL PROCESS 2019-05-11T01:05:11-04:00 Akmaludin Akmaludin <div>Progress in the field of business needs the support of the promotion, promotion measures can be done in&nbsp; various&nbsp; ways,&nbsp; one&nbsp; of&nbsp; which&nbsp; is&nbsp; measured&nbsp; in&nbsp; the&nbsp; areas&nbsp; of&nbsp; advertising,&nbsp; as&nbsp; outlined&nbsp; in&nbsp; a&nbsp; manuscript copy. There are a number of methods to evaluate the manuscript copy of which Direct Rating Method (DRM), EPIC Model and Customer Response Index (CRI). For an evaluation copy of the script there is a measurement method of comparison can be done with the Analytic Hierarchical Process (AHP). AHP&nbsp; is&nbsp; a&nbsp; method&nbsp; that&nbsp; is&nbsp; widely&nbsp; used&nbsp; in&nbsp; decision&nbsp; making&nbsp; and&nbsp; scientific&nbsp; part&nbsp; of&nbsp; the&nbsp; decision&nbsp; support system,&nbsp; known&nbsp; as&nbsp; Dicission&nbsp; Support&nbsp; System&nbsp; (DSS).&nbsp; In&nbsp; the&nbsp; discussion&nbsp; of&nbsp; this&nbsp; paper&nbsp; is&nbsp; intended&nbsp; to evaluate&nbsp; the&nbsp; effectiveness&nbsp; of&nbsp; each&nbsp; level,&nbsp; from&nbsp; the&nbsp; three&nbsp; models&nbsp; are&nbsp; used&nbsp; as&nbsp; a&nbsp; measure&nbsp; to&nbsp; assess&nbsp; the effectiveness of course seen the manuscript copy of each of the variables used. AHP didigunakan as advanced&nbsp; testing&nbsp; seen&nbsp; from&nbsp; some&nbsp; of&nbsp; the&nbsp; other&nbsp; variables&nbsp; if&nbsp; the&nbsp; data,&nbsp; formulation,&nbsp; design&nbsp; output,&nbsp; and transfer&nbsp; knowledge.&nbsp; At&nbsp; the&nbsp; end&nbsp; of&nbsp; the&nbsp; method&nbsp; will&nbsp; be&nbsp; seen&nbsp; each&nbsp; grade&nbsp; level&nbsp; of&nbsp; importance&nbsp; of&nbsp; each variable AHP. It describes the advantages in terms of where each model is used, so that the decision in the&nbsp; form&nbsp; of&nbsp; a&nbsp; score&nbsp; variable&nbsp; AHP&nbsp; can&nbsp; provide&nbsp; valuable&nbsp; information&nbsp; for&nbsp; anyone&nbsp; who&nbsp; will&nbsp; take measurements&nbsp; of&nbsp; the&nbsp; effectiveness&nbsp; of&nbsp; the&nbsp; manuscript&nbsp; copy.&nbsp; Acquisition&nbsp; synthesis&nbsp; analysis&nbsp; results obtained&nbsp; based&nbsp; on&nbsp; the&nbsp; priority&nbsp; level&nbsp; of&nbsp; 0.507&nbsp; the&nbsp; top&nbsp; priority&nbsp; is&nbsp; DRM,&nbsp; second&nbsp; and&nbsp; third&nbsp; priorities respectively&nbsp; 0.327&nbsp; and&nbsp; 0.166&nbsp; for&nbsp; the&nbsp; EPIC&nbsp; models&nbsp; for&nbsp; CRI,&nbsp; this&nbsp; is&nbsp; becoming&nbsp; a&nbsp; final&nbsp; decision&nbsp; by&nbsp; the AHP process.</div> 2012-09-10T00:00:00-04:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENGUKURAN MUTU WEB TERHADAP KEPUASAN BERTRANSAKSI BISNIS DENGAN ANALISA REGRESI SEDERHANA BAGI PENGGUNA MAHASISWA 2019-05-11T01:25:58-04:00 Arfhan Prasetyo <p>Internet is information technology is earning easily in information seeking. The Internet made as without bound link, The information can be accessed every time without binding with infrastructure fulfilling in process of seeking the information. e-Commerce ( Electronic Commerce), this time medium in enthusing by the public.&nbsp; e-Commerce is a new breakthrough in the information world,&nbsp; e-Commerce can give information to the buyer in appearance and form which more drew and can be accessed any time every when time without bound. e-Commerce ( Electronic Commerce), this time medium in enthusing by the public.&nbsp; e-Commerce is a new breakthrough in the information world,&nbsp; e-Commerce can give information to the buyer in appearance and form which more drew and can be accessed any time every when time without bound.&nbsp; Sodium&nbsp; Maulina&nbsp; (&nbsp; 2009)&nbsp; e-Commerce&nbsp; is conception has just which able to&nbsp; be described as goods sales&nbsp; process or&nbsp; service at Internet world wide web ( Shim, Qureshi, Siegel, 2000) or sales process or product transfer, service and information through information network is including internet ( Turban, Lee, king, Chung, 2000). This research aims to know how big influence quality of web to satisfaction transacts consumer business Students. Result of data analysis got result for variable Web quality ( X) with satisfaction transacts consumer business students ( Y) obtained correlation coefficient 0,710, thus inferential there is a relationship which is positive and significant between Web quality ( X) with satisfaction transacts consumer business students ( Y). Linear regression model formed Y = 16,168 + 0,680, X.</p> 2012-09-10T00:00:00-04:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## SISTEM PENDUKUNG KEPUTUSAN PENENTUAN PENERIMAAN BEASISWA DI UNIVERSITAS PERSADA INDONESIA YAI MENGGUNAKAN FMADM 2019-05-11T01:34:44-04:00 Dian Gustina Essy Malays Adi Nur Ichsan <p>In accordance with regulations prescribed by the University of Indonesia YAI Persada to obtain a scholarship, it is a necessary criterion to determine who will be selected to receive a scholarship. The scholarship conducted by several agencies to help someone who is less fortunate or achievement for the determination to take studying. For assistance in determining a person who deserves the scholarship, it needed a support system decision. Fault one method that can be used for Decision Support Systems is using Fuzzy MADM (Multi-Attribute Decision Making). This research will be lifted a case of finding the best alternative based on criteria that have been determined to use traditional methods of SAW (Simple Additive weighting) to perform calculations FMADM method in that case. This method was chosen because it is able to select the best alternative from a number of alternatives, in this case, meant that alternatives are eligible to receive scholarships based on specified criteria.&nbsp; Research carried out by finding the weights for each attribute value, then do ranking process that will determine the optimal alternative, which is the best student.</p> 2012-09-10T00:00:00-04:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENGEMBANGAN MODEL PENDUKUNG KEPUTUSAN DALAM MENENTUKAN KARTU SELULER SEBAGAI OPERATOR INTERNET BERDASARKAN PENDEKATAN ANALYTIC HIERARCHY PROCESS 2019-05-11T01:41:33-04:00 Santoso Setiawan <p>Fixed internet services available at home or at the company did not support its users to be online at any place.&nbsp; To subscribe to the internet the prospective users must go through lengthy requirements. Besides, with monthly costs that are relatively large, can sometimes be a burden the customers themselves. This thesis aims to overcome the above problems, so in the hope, things have been done on the internet can not be fixed, can be overcome.&nbsp; This thesis discusses the use of a cellular card as a medium for surfing. A number of cellular cards circulating in the market require a good selection method and structured so that later users can appropriate candidates choose mobile cards that match their needs. To be able to give appropriate guidance in the selection of cellular card,&nbsp; so in need of a method of choosing a good decision,&nbsp; one of which is&nbsp; Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) developed by Drs. Thomas L. Saaty of the Wharton School of Business.&nbsp; The end result of the AHP method is a proposed effective decision based on the processing of data obtained from respondents who had experienced or had to use mobile cards before. Processing the data in the auxiliary with Expert Choice, a decision support software, resulting in decisions that can get close to perfection. The conclusion that can be in the results of this study was to obtain a comparative result of the selection criteria to determine whether cellular card.&nbsp; In this study, which was used as reference criteria for comparison are Cellular Provider Card, Signal Strength, Rate of Saving.&nbsp; These three criteria for the moment it is enough to be able to represent the respondent's interest in choosing a cellular card for Internet operators make.</p> 2012-09-10T00:00:00-04:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## MODEL PENERIMAAN E-COMMERCE (e-CAM) DALAM PENGGUNAAN FACEBOOK SEBAGAI SARANA BELANJA ON-LINE 2019-05-11T01:47:01-04:00 Kusuma Hati <p>enulisan&nbsp; ini&nbsp; yang&nbsp; bekaitan&nbsp; dengan&nbsp; penggunaan&nbsp; Facebook,&nbsp; tetapi&nbsp; lebih&nbsp; mengarah&nbsp; pada penggunaanya&nbsp; sebagai sarana e-commerce atau belanja secara online.&nbsp; Penulisan ini dilaksanakan dengan tujuan untuk dapat mengkaji penggunaan Facebook sebagai sarana belanja On-Line yang akan&nbsp; digunakan&nbsp; untuk&nbsp; memasarkan&nbsp; produk&nbsp; kreativitas&nbsp; bunga&nbsp; sabun&nbsp; serta&nbsp; dapat&nbsp; dihasilkan&nbsp; suatu model yang menjelaskan faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi penggunaan Facebook sebagai sarana belanja&nbsp; On-Line.&nbsp; Adapun&nbsp; manfaat&nbsp; dari&nbsp; penelitian&nbsp; ini&nbsp; adalah&nbsp; diharapkan&nbsp; dapat&nbsp; membantu mengidentifikasi&nbsp; dan&nbsp; dapat&nbsp; menjadi&nbsp; pertimbangan&nbsp; kedepan&nbsp; bagi&nbsp; pengrajin&nbsp; bunga&nbsp; sabun&nbsp; untuk memasarkan&nbsp; produknya&nbsp; melalui&nbsp; Facebook.&nbsp; Penelitian&nbsp; yang&nbsp; penulis&nbsp; lakukan&nbsp; ini&nbsp; merupakan penelitian mengenai hubungan sebab akibat dari variabel-variabel yang akan diteliti serta mengkaji hubungan antara variabel-variabel tersebut, yang meliputi Jumlah Pengguna (JP) sebagai variabel eksogen. Sedangkan variabel endogennya, yaitu : Persepsi Resiko (R), Persepsi Kepercayaan (KP), Persepsi Manfaat (M), Persepsi Kemudahan (KM) dan Aktualisasi Penggunaan facebook (AFB). Selain&nbsp; itu,&nbsp; penelitian&nbsp; ini&nbsp; juga&nbsp; menggambarkan&nbsp; penggunaan&nbsp; pendekatan&nbsp; e-Commerce&nbsp; Acceptance Model&nbsp; (e-CAM)&nbsp; yang&nbsp; mensyaratkan&nbsp; adanya&nbsp; penerimaan&nbsp; e-Commerce&nbsp; dengan&nbsp; menggunakan jejaring sosial, yaitu Facebook. Pada penelitian ini disimpulkan bahwa dalam memasarkan bunga sabun&nbsp; diupayakan&nbsp; untuk&nbsp; meminimalkan&nbsp; resiko.&nbsp; Selain&nbsp; itu&nbsp; untuk&nbsp; memasarkan&nbsp; bunga&nbsp; sabun&nbsp; akan&nbsp;lebih bermanfaat bila pemasaran dilakukan terhadap pembeli yang sudah dikenal terlebih dahulu.</p> 2012-09-10T00:00:00-04:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##