• Halim Setya Muliyantoro (1*) Manajemen Informatika AMIK BSI Jakarta

  • (*) Corresponding Author
Keywords: Load-balancing Cluster Server, Distribution Database,, Database Server


 Information systems are complete and easy access is a necessity that a company owned. With the company's information system is its credibility to go public and to better known by the general public. In line with the development of information technology very rapidly, sometimes in actual access to the system failure can also occur due to the failure happened server side. Failure caused by the server itself dies and there is no backup from another server when the primary server directly replaces dead or can also occur overload Access on the server so that the server can be crushed or down. One way to improve the quality of services will be increasingly large data is to divide the workload on the database server access in order that all requests from users can be served well. In this research design to optimize the performance of the database server using load balancing mechanisms clusters with MySQL Cluster technology. MySQL Cluster where there is a feature that can perform database replication and there is also a system that is able to cope with the failure of the database system itself.


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