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Keywords: Degree Of Satisfaction Of The Public, Purchase Of A Train Ticket, Online


Needs transportation services is a mirror of the kebutuhaan society, the increasing level of activity of the community then the mobility of community activities will be higher and further will require a pattern of improvement in the field of transportation. The train is one of the modes of land transport which has many advantages when compared to other modes of transport types. Current ticket purchases can be made online. Many web services that provide online ticket purchases in particular the train ticket. In making a purchase online train ticket especially on pages http://URwww.tiket.kereta-api.co.id will be the author of the analysis to find out the extent of the level of satisfaction of the community in making a purchase the train ticket online by making a purchase on http://URwww.tiket.kereta-api.co.id. In the context of the variable quality of service measurement, Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry (1988) identified five dimensions measure the quality of service that is reliability (reliability), responsiveness (responsiveness), Assurance (assurance), Tangibles (direct evidence), and Empathy (empathy). Thus the party service providers should be able to give full attention on service quality (SERVQUAL).


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