• Limits of JITK New Submission of Scripts to Publish February 2020


    Dear Author JITK Nusa Mandiri

    It is hereby informed that the deadline for the manuscript that can be published in Volume 6 Number 1, August 2020 is June 30, 2019. That is, a text that has been declared accepted by EDITOR after passing the REVIEW process and the quota has not been fulfilled, currently, in stages, the text has been stated received is displayed on the web of this Journal (In-Press Article), until it is published in full (official publication) on February 15, 2020.

    For that, please immediately correct the corrections requested REVIEWER so that your manuscript can be published in Volume 6 Number 1 August 2020.

    Thus we are informed to be together.

    Thank you

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  • Important Information For Authors


    We hereby inform you that the JITK Journal is very appreciative of the manuscript that you sent, but so that you can process the manuscript directly, it is expected that the manuscript has been written according to the rules contained in the JITK journal template. Read and understand the rules in the template well, if you need to download several articles that have been published as a comparison, it is better if you write the script directly in the template.

    MAKE SURE ONLY THE CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE COMPATIBLE WITH THE DISUBMITED TEMPLATE, it's better to read repeatedly before submitting. To avoid the script on REJECT before further processing. This has indirectly helped you speed up the publication process.

    It is also expected, before deciding to submit the manuscript to the JITK Nusa Mandiri Journal, make sure you have read and understood all the content contained in the main menu of this journal.

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