Informasi Penting Bagi Author/Penulis


We hereby announce that the Nusa Mandiri PILAR Journal really appreciates the manuscripts that you submit, but so that your manuscript can be directly processed, it is hoped that the manuscript has been written according to the rules contained in the PILAR journal template. Read and understand the rules in the template, if necessary, download a number of papers that have been published in the Journal of PILAR Nusa Mandiri as a comparison, better yet, you write the manuscript directly on the template.

MAKE SURE YOUR MANUSCRIPT SUBMIT HAS BEEN ACCORDING TO THE TEMPLATE, it's better to read repeatedly before submitting it. To avoid having your manuscript in REJECT before further processing. This indirectly helped you to expedite the process of the manuscript.

It is also hoped, before deciding to submit the manuscript to the PILAR Nusa Mandiri Journal, make sure you have read and understood well all the content contained in the main menu of this journal. (menu on the right side of this page).

Greetings Publication