• Cahyani Budihartanti (1*) Sistem Informasi STMIK Nusa Mandiri

  • (*) Corresponding Author
Keywords: Association Rules, Apriori Algorithm, RapidMiner, Data Mining


Data cannot be separated in the activities of a company, the daily, both large companies, small and personal. But sometimes there are many companies that do not maximize to utilize existing data and not infrequently there is an ignore, especially if the data is outdated and no longer needed. In this study, the authors attempt to explore these data more useful and can give you information and knowledge for the company. Data to be explored is the data on sales, ie how to use transaction data available on the company can figure out the pattern/behavior of consumers towards a product that is bought by the method of determining customer buying patterns of your kitchen appliances. To be able to produce accurate information is required in determining spending patterns of historical transaction data processing with data mining techniques. In this research can be done by applying the algorithm associated with the use of apriori. Apriori algorithm is able to analyze and discover relationships between the similarity of thegoods purchased items. Apriori algorithm can be evaluated by applying a minimum value ofsupport and confidence, using software RapidMiner results from the application of a priorialgorithm is proven accurate in determining the pattern of spending your kitchen appliances.


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