• Dwi Marisa Midyanti (1*) Universitas Tanjungpura
  • Rahmi Hidayati (2) Universitas Tanjungpura
  • Syamsul Bahri (3) Universitas Tanjungpura

  • (*) Corresponding Author
Keywords: ARAS Method, CoCoSo Method, VIKOR Method, MCDM Method, Pemilihan Panti Asuhan


Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) is a decision-making method that has various techniques for solving the problem of determining the best alternative. In this study, three methods will be compared, namely CoCoSo, ARAS, and VIKOR, for the selection of Orphanages, which are the priority recipients of APBD funds. Determination of orphanage recipients from APBD funds in the Pontianak City Social Service  still does manually, by only comparing the facilities and conditions of the orphanage. The CoCoSo, ARAS, and VIKOR methods can provide recommendations in the form of the rating of orphanages that can be used as a reference to determine the priorities of APBD fund recipients. The ranking produced by each method will be compared and seen the correlation coefficient value using the Spearman rank correlation. The results of this study are the three methods provide different rankings, the Spearman correlation coefficient values are very weak and weak, and there is no significant relationship between one method with other methods.


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Author Biographies

Rahmi Hidayati, Universitas Tanjungpura

Program studi Rekayasa Sistem Komputer

Syamsul Bahri, Universitas Tanjungpura

Program Studi Rekayasa Sistem Komputer


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