• Wd. Shaqina Rafa Naura (1) Universitas Muslim Indonesia
  • St. Hajrah Mansyur (2*) Universitas Muslim Indonesia
  • Purnawansyah Purnawansyah (3) Universitas Muslim Indonesia

  • (*) Corresponding Author
Keywords: BORDA, culinary tourism, group decision making, TOPSIS


Makassar City is one of the destination cities for traveling. Makassar City offers a variety of interesting tours, one of which is culinary tourism. The determination of the best culinary tourism is based on the criteria set by the Makassar City Tourism Office. In managing culinary destinations, tourists are often faced with many choices, so they are confused about choosing the most attractive culinary destinations. This research uses the TOPSIS and BORDA methods. The TOPSIS method is used in determining culinary tourism alternatives based on criteria that become recommendations and the BORDA method is used in determining the selected alternatives based on several DMs who evaluate alternatives. The main objective of this research is to apply group decision making in selecting the best culinary tourism destinations in Makassar City based on group preferences and related criteria with TOPSIS and BORDA methods. This research has conducted 5 iterations involving 4 DMs from the Makassar City Tourism Office. Based on the results of the interview, 8 criteria and 35 alternatives were obtained. Where the Coto Nusantara alternative is ranked the highest with a value of 109,949. While Sop Saudara Irian is ranked last with a value of 62,896. The general benefit of this research is the application of group decision making in determining culinary tourism with the TOPSIS and BORDA methods can produce more objective and representative decision results. This can increase tourist satisfaction in determining culinary tourism.


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