• Abdul Latif (1*) STMIK Nusa Mandiri
  • Ai Ilah Warnilah (2)
  • Siti Khotimatul Wildah (3)

  • (*) Corresponding Author
Keywords: Whistleblowing System, Cryptographic Algorithm Method, Web Engineering, Rijndael, AES


In carrying out its responsibilities, an employee works for an agency or company and also works with his colleagues, whether they are co-workers or their own superiors. So it is very important for an employee to gain trust in his work environment. If there is a violation or behavior that deviates from an employee in the work environment, then there must be someone who reports it but of course by protecting the identity of the reporter. Based on these problems, the authors make and design a web-based whistle blowing application to protect the identity of people who report violations that occur in their work environment. This whistle blowing web is created using cryptographic algorithm methods. Cryptographic algorithms work by disguising data or information into a form of password that has no meaning. The author uses the Rijndael algorithm to encrypt the complainant's data. So that by using the Rijndael algorithm on this web-based Whistleblowing system, the data or reporting information will be safe in the database and it is hoped that an optimal system will be created for data and information security

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Latif, A., Warnilah, A., & Wildah, S. (2022). IMPLEMENTATION OF THE RIJNDAEL ALGORITHM ON WEB-BASED WHISTLEBLOWING SYSTEM. Jurnal Techno Nusa Mandiri, 19(2), 141 - 148.
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