• Elly Firasari (1*) universitas nusa mandiri
  • F Lia Dwi Cahyanti (2)
  • Fajar Sarasati (3)
  • Widiastuti Widiastuti (4)

  • (*) Corresponding Author
Keywords: Haar Cascade Classifier, Eigenface, Fisherface,


Abstract— Biometric information systems have been widely used in the fields of government, shopping centers, education and even security, which offer biological authentication so that the system can recognize its users more quickly. The parts of the human body are identified by a biometric system that has unique and specific characteristics, one of which is the face. Adjustment of facial image deals with objects that are never the same, due to the parts that can change. These changes are caused by facial expressions, light intensity, shooting angle, or changes in facial accessories. With this, the same object with several differences must be recognized as the same object. In this study, the data used were 388 face images and the sata test consisted of 30 face images. Before the face is tested, preprocessing and feature extraction are carried out using the Haar Cascade Classifier and then detected using Eigenface and Fisherface. Based on the research results, the Fisherface method is an algorithm that is accurate and efficient compared to the Eigenface algorithm. The Fisherface algorithm has an accuracy of 88%. while the Eigenface method has an accuracy rate of 76%.

Keywords – Haar Cascade Classifier, Eigenface, Fisherface,.

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Firasari, E., Cahyanti, F. L., Sarasati, F., & Widiastuti, W. (2022). COMPARISON OF EIGENFACE AND FISHERFACE METHODS FOR FACE RECOGNITION. Jurnal Techno Nusa Mandiri, 19(2), 125 - 130.
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