Batas New Submission Naskah Jurnal Untuk Terbit September 2020


Dear: Author Journal of PILAR Nusa Mandiri

Informed that the deadline for manuscripts that can be published in Vol. 16 No. September 2, 2020, is July 15, 2019, which is the manuscript that has been declared accepted by EDITOR after going through the REVIEW process and the quota has not been fulfilled. full (official publicist) on September 15, 2020.

Follow the PILAR Journal Template, follow the writing procedures that have been determined, follow the formats that have been specified in the PILAR Journal Template. Don't make your own rules outside of the PILAR Journal Template, it is certain the Editor will decline it.

For that, please correct the correction requested by REVIEWER so that your Manuscript can Publish in Vol. 16 No. September 2, 2020.

Thus we inform you to know together.

Greetings Enterprising Publication.

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Current Issue

Vol 16 No 2 (2020): Publishing Period for September 2020

Pilar Journal is a scientific journal published by the STMIK Nusa Mandiri information system study program. This journal contains scientific papers with the theme: Software Engineering, Expert Systems, Support Systems, Decisions, Information Systems Design, Data Mining, Image Processing.

The PILAR Nusa Mandiri Journal is an Accredited National Journal accredited by the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Higher Education at the Sprott S3 level, in accordance with the Decree on Strengthening Research and Development SK Decree No. 21 / E / KPT / 2018 which has been in effect since July 9, 2018, for 5 years. Source: Risbang Accreditation is valid for 5 (five), namely: Volume 12, Number 1 the Year 2016 to Volume 16, Number 2 the Year 2020.

Published: 2020-09-15


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The PILAR Nusa Mandiri Journal is a formation of the Information Systems study program, which was originally a medium for accommodating scientific writings of STMIK Nusa Mandiri Jakarta Information Systems lecturers. Along with the times, this journal has become a National journal that has P-ISSN: 1978-1946 and E-ISSN: 2527-6514. PILAR Nusa Mandiri has become a Rank 3 Accredited Journal and is trying to become a higher accredited journal. PILAR Journal Nusa Mandiri is published 2 times in 1 year, namely in March and September.

Paper dapat dikirimkan setiap waktu, dengan notifikasi dalam 1 - 2 minggu. Silahkan email : untuk respon lebih cepat. Klik disini untuk Submission Online.
Jurnal PILAR terbit 2 x dalam 1 Tahun, yaitu Bulan Maret dan September.